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DC-Link Capacitor for PCB
Metallized polypropylene structure,Excellent electric property,Plastic case (UL94 V-0), Epoxy resin sealing,High performance DC filtering applications(i.e. Frequency converters, Industrial and high-e…
DC-Link-Capacitor (Dry-Type,Plastic case,Temperat…
Used in DC-Link circuits,Can replace electr-olytic capacitor, Low ESR, high ripple current handling capabilities. Low Ls. Self-healing property. Long lifetime. Plastic case,Filled with resin
DC-Link Capacitor for PCB
Slim line, low building height, Segmented metallized-film design High ripple current capability, low ESR, low ESL, Plastic case (UL94 V-0), Filled with resin, Self-healing property ● High perfo…
DC-Link-Capacitor (Customized products)
Used in DC-Link circuits,Can replace electrolytic capacitor,Low ESR, high ripple current handling capabilities,Low ESL,Self-healing property,Long lifetime,Filled with resin
High Voltage DC-Link Capacitor (Dry-Type)
Stainless steel case,Epoxy resin sealing,Dry construction, No leaking fluids,Self-healing property, Segmented metalized-film design,Low ESL & Low ESR,High rms current capability
DC-Link Capacitor for PCB
Plastic case,Dry construction; Low ESR, high ripple current ability; Low ESL, Long life; Used to replace electrolytic capacitor in DC-Link circuits, used in small and medium power solar inverter, us…
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