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Snubber capacitor for IGBT (Axial-type)
Metallized polypropylene film, Axial-type. Excellent self-healing property, Low loss and small inherent temperature rise.Wrapped with polyester adhesive tape and ends filled with flame retardant epox…
A.C.output filter capacitors for PCB
Self-Healing Metallized polypropylene Suitable for AC output filter, i.e. UPS,Solar Photovoltaic DC/AC inverter with LCL filter. transform PWM waveform into sinusoidal waveform.
AC filter capacitors (Oil-filled)
The capacitors particularly suit for AC filter circuit in power electric equipment and UPS power unit. They have ability to withstand high r.m.s current and high peak voltage. Self-healing property…
AC filter capacitors (Dry type)
These capacitors particularly suit for AC/DC filter circuit in power electronic equipment and UPS power unit. They have ability to with stand high r.m.s current,high peak current and high peak voltag…
Three phase AC filter capacitor(assembled)
The capacitor is especially intended for power factor correction . Self-healing property Excellent stable performance and reliability Anti-explosion design, more safety
Three-phase AC-filter capacitor(single case)
Self-Healing,Metallized polypropylene,Anti-explosion design, overpressure tear-off fuse more safety,Suitable for power factor correction and LCL filter
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